Duomo Florence Map

Explore the Duomo of Florence map and entrances. Plan your visit efficiently with detailed navigation tips and entrance locations to this historic landmark.

When visiting the Florence Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, understanding the entrances is essential. Here are the key details about the different entrances to this iconic complex:

Main Facade Entrance (West Facade)

  • The grand main entrance, adorned with intricate sculptures, offers free access to the cathedral.
  • Located on the west side of the Cathedral, it welcomes visitors into the awe-inspiring interior.

North Entrance (Porta della Mandorla)

  • Situated on the north side of the Cathedral, this entrance features an almond-shaped relief depicting the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
  • It provides an alternative access point for those exploring the Cathedral.

South Entrance (Porta dei Canonici)

  • Positioned on the south side of the cathedral, the South Entrance (Porta dei Canonici) may have its own different architectural features.
  • It offers an alternative perspective to the cathedral’s magnificence and is less commonly used by visitors.
  • Accessible from the southern side of the cathedral, it faces the Baptistery of San Giovanni.

How to Enter the Duomo Florence

  • The main entrance to the Duomo Florence is located between the Bell Tower and the main door of the Cathedral.
  • If you have your tickets, you can join this line and head inside. If not, you can purchase your tickets at the ticket office nearby.
  • Several ticket offices are located near different attractions, such as the Bell Tower, Dome, Baptistery, and Duomo Museum. Keep in mind that the entrances to these various attractions are located at the respective buildings.
Whether you approach from the bustling Piazza del Duomo or take a quieter route, each entrance invites you into a world of art, history, and spirituality. Choose your path and step inside to discover the treasures within.

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